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The Gila County Wastewater Department is committed to providing professional, prompt and effective services to all citizens of Gila County. The Wastewater Department receives its authority by delegation from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). The delegation agreement can be found at
About 25 percent of the United States population lives in areas that use onsite wastewater treatment systems, commonly known as septic systems. Surface water and groundwater contamination associated with septic systems often stems from failures due to age or improper maintenance; however, even properly functioning systems can cause environmental degradation and pose public health risks. Depending upon soil type, water saturation, and other factors, nutrients and microbial pollutants can migrate long distances down-gradient from properly functioning (but poorly designed) systems and ultimately reach surface water and groundwater. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has identified onsite/septic wastewater treatment facilities as the overwhelming activity/facility contributing to water quality impairment in Arizona -- over 90% of the identified activities! There is a need to educate septic system owners and pumpers who maintain the systems, as well as designers, installers, contractors, regulators, and health officials on the proper siting, design, installation, operation, and maintenance of onsite wastewater treatment and dispersal systems.

To locate Private Parties that perform Wastewater Services consult one of the following sections of the
           Gila County Contractors List
            - Site Evaluators
            - Designers
            - Contractors
            - Notice of Transfer Inspectors

A list of the most common services offered by the Wastewater Department:

  • Clearance Letters 
  • Contractors List 
  • Gray Water Information 
  • Information on Maintenance and Care of your Septic System
  • Public Record Requests Non- Commercial ,Commercial
  • Setback Requirements 
  • Soil Evaluation and Perc Testing (Site investigations)  
  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Wastewater Training
  • Water Wells
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Jake Garrett, Manager
Wastewater Department

Payson Office
Phone:  (928) 474-9276
Fax:    (928) 474-0802