Health Services

Environment Health Services

Gila County Environmental Health Services provide a variety of services to the Community, and places high priority on consumer protection. Environmental Health Specialists conduct routine inspections and complaint investigations related to environmental health matters in all food establishments, schools, swimming pools and spas, public accommodations, mobile home and recreational vehicle parks, campgrounds and other recreational facilities. We are committed to providing professional, prompt and effective Environmental Health services to all citizens of Gila County.
Food Safety

- Food Handler Information
- Food Establishment Information 
- Reporting a Foodborne Illness

For more information visit our Food Safety Program page.
Applications & Information

- Mobile Food Unit Application
- Plan Review Application
- Permit Application
- Temporary Food Vendor Application

Additional information is located on our Applications & Information page.

Smoke Free Arizona

- How to Comply
- Reporting Violations
- Available Services in Gila County
- Rules & Statutes

For more information visit our Smoke Free Arizona page.
Public Records Request
- Public Records Request (Non-Commercial) [printable]
- Public Records Request (Non-Commercial) [fillable]