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The Flood Control District works to help residents to be safer and incur less property damage when floods happen.  Floods are a natural occurrence, and floodplains have beneficial functions for groundwater recharge and wildlife habitat.  We endeavor to make these areas safe for residents and visitors in Gila County.

The following map options are available so that it may be seen whether a property is in a floodplain:

Map Viewing Options:

Click here for a tutorial on using the FEMA map links for flood maps or flood determination.


If viewing the maps above is not adequate for your purposes,
CLICK HERE here to find a flood determination company
from FEMA's list, along with contact information to set up an account with them to prepare flood hazard determinations for you.

If you are proposing construction in the floodplain, please see permitting information below.

Gila County only provides Flood Hazard information in conjunction with Floodplain Use Permit or Floodplain Clearance applications (for development in floodplains).  For Real Estate or Insurance purposes, please view the maps above, or contact a flood determination company.  Paper copies of official maps are also available for viewing at the Flood Control District office.  We cannot provide copies, but you may print the maps or "FIRMette" (an excerpt) from the official maps available online.  See the Flood Map link in the bottom portion of this page.

Please Note: the current Gila County Floodplain Management Ordinance is the one dated October 6, 2015.

Floodplain Management:
We work with residents to help them build in a manner that reduces property damage and loss of life when flooding occurs.  Congress has established rules designed to accomplish that goal.  We are responsible for floodplain management, including review of plans and/or engineering reports for development, review of proposed developments within regulatory floodways, calculation of erosion setbacks and base flood elevations where not provided by FEMA on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps, and other engineering support as needed for floodplain management, as well as issuing Floodplain Use Permits.  

Floodplain Use Permits are required in addition to building and other applicable permits when building in a floodplain.  

PLEASE NOTE: For floodplain issues in the towns of Globe, Miami and Payson, please go directly to those municipalities. 

For information about constructing in floodplains in 1) unincorporated Gila County or 2) for the incorporated towns of Star Valley, Hayden and Winkelman,  please contact the Gila County Flood Control District at (928) 474-1076.

If you are applying for a  permit and the floodplain information is not yet available from Community Development for your parcel, please submit a Pre-Development Information Form to request the information from the Flood Control District.
If your site is determined to be within a floodplain, please click here for more information on the permitting process.

Other Drainage:
Even if a proposed  project is not shown as a floodplain on the FEMA maps and not otherwise adopted as a regulatory floodplain, Gila County still regulates watercourses where more than a quarter (1/4) of a square mile of land area drains into it, to assist our citizens to build safely.  These areas fall under the jurisdiction of the Grading and Drainage Ordinance, administered by the Engineering Section of the Public Works Division.  Information generated as a result of submitting a Pre-Development Information (PDI) form can also provide information on whether the watercourse is regulated by the Grading and Drainage Ordinance.

Other Flood Control Functions:    The Flood Control District  works with FEMA regarding Flood Maps, does special  flood studies, post-flooding forensic engineering, planning, flood mitigation, public education, ordinance updates, support for public works projects involving floodplains, GIS flood hazard maps, post-wildfire flood mitigation planning, etc.  The Flood Control District also installs and maintains the various components of the Gila County Flood Threat Monitoring System ("A.L.E.R.T." System), which includes the installation and maintenance of remote-reporting rain / streamflow gages, weather stations, data radio repeater network, and base station database.

More Information:


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