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Gila County School Superintendent

Linda O’Dell, Ed.D. was elected as Gila County Superintendent of Schools in November, 2004 and took office in January, 2005. An educational leader with more than 35 years of experience, Superintendent O’Dell is well established as a proponent of professional development for teachers, accountability for student learning and continuous school improvement efforts. Superintendent O’Dell is a skilled facilitator and problem solver with a proven track record for program development as well as the capacity to  secure needed resources. She is passionate in her belief that all students can learn and that they deserve access to appropriate opportunities and supports to succeed in attaining educational goals.

The County School Superintendent's Office is authorized by the Constitution of the State of Arizona. The County Superintendent is elected for a four-year term on a partisan ticket. A current teaching certificate is required to hold the office.

By statute, the County School Superintendent's responsibilities include fiscal services for school districts; overseeing special school elections; appointing board members to vacancies on public school and community college governing boards; serving as superintendent of county accommodation schools; and establishing and administering service programs as requested by school districts.

Governing Board Election Documents: 

Governing Board Election Documents for the upcoming General Election in November are now available for download. Packets are also available at both Gila County School Superintendent's Office locations. DEADLINE TO FILE AS A WRITE-IN CANDIDATE IS 5 PM, AUGUST 20.

Memo to Potential Governing Board Candidates
2014 Governing Board Offices to be Elected
Candidate Handbook 2014
Campaign Finance Report 2014
Financial Disclosure Form
Nomination Affidavit of Qualification
Period No Activity Report
Non-Partisan Nomination Petition
Petition Printing Instructions
Statement of Organization
Termination Statement
$500 Threshold Exemption Statement

Linda O'Dell 

 Linda O'Dell EdD
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